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Expansion of a company involves purchase of new machines or entire production lines. A modern technical park is the key to success. However, not every company has the means to install the equipment. To ensure that everything functions smoothly and does not threaten to stop production, you need professional help. Assembly of machines is a task requiring knowledge, experience and appropriate preparation. As professionals we offer high quality services in this area.


Professional technical background for machine assembly

Orders are executed using professional tool sets. We have equipment suitable for any type of machine or equipment located in the technology park. If necessary, we also use cranes and hoists (e.g. in case of preparing a machine for transport, which is included in Protech Motors offer).

Thanks to proper selection of tools for disassembly of machines or their installation, we can deal with the task very quickly and, above all, provide comprehensive service. The disconnection of the device itself must be carefully planned in order to be done properly. So, we do not leave our clients without help at the further stages of the relocation. We will be happy to transport the machines with heavy equipment to the new plant or help with scrapping. The assembly of machines is based on their calibration, media connection, anchoring and leveling. This way we can guarantee the correct functioning of the equipment.


Safe disassembly of machines and their subsequent installation at a new location

We approach our work with due care. We apply all safety rules to both people and equipment entrusted to us. We do not agree to any compromises on this. This ensures that customers can always be sure that the machines will not be accidentally damaged and will continue to be operational. Safety is the responsibility of the qualified staff of Protech Motors, who use their many years of experience to choose optimal and careful solutions.


How does the machine assembly and disassembly by Protech Motors work?

Contrary to appearances, disassembly does not simply consist of unscrewing screws and disconnecting devices from media. Before starting work it is necessary to read the technical documentation carefully. Then we clean the machine thoroughly to prepare it for further disassembly steps.

Industrial equipment may be in various condition (especially if used for many years). Therefore, we are very careful and use proven solutions. For example, connections with visible corrosion must be lubricated with paraffin or penetrol so that the disassembly of the machine does not result in their destruction. There may be many more such situations, and for each of them we apply the most appropriate methods. 

Assembly, as the final part of the process, requires a different approach. Everything is done according to the adopted documentation and assumptions, which translates into efficiency and speed of work. If there is a need for e.g. locksmith works (drilling, sawing, threading, etc.), we undertake them without hesitation. Once the assembly is complete, we make sure that it has been done correctly by testing the machine.


How much does it cost to assemble and disassemble machines?

Due to the nature of the service, the costs of carrying out the operation cannot be determined in advance. That is why we treat each order individually. The valuation includes a number of important factors, e.g. the number of machines to be assembled/disassembled, the range of services, the need to use specialist equipment and many others. More information about this can be obtained from Protech Motors representatives.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail regarding the assembly and disassembly of machines. We will certainly be able to help in any situation. During the consultation we will prepare a quote for the order and answer any questions about the services we offer.

As a leading company in the field of machine relocation, we perform professional disassembly and assembly of machines, equipment, production lines.

We perform ordered projects in compliance with health and safety regulations and using our own necessary equipment.

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