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Comprehensive maintenance with Protech Motors

Until recently, a common definition of maintenance was to optimize machine availability at the lowest possible cost. In some places, this definition is still used, which ultimately does not translate into the company’s efficiency.


In Protech Motors, we understand this process as a much more complex issue, involving a number of closely related factors. It is not only about the production efficiency itself, but also about the safety of personnel, the environmental footprint and the quality of manufactured products. The functions of the maintenance service we provide include also such issues as:

  • taking care of the optimal condition of the customer’s machines by obtaining their planned service life, maintenance works to keep them in proper condition and repairs to restore the faulty equipment,
  • proper inventory and spare parts management,
  • optimization of the use of consumables and media,
  • maintaining continuity of production by reducing the risk of unplanned downtime, which would ultimately reduce the efficiency of staff,
  • optimization of health and safety procedures which further reduces the costs generated by the company that may arise in connection with various types of accidents.


We offer a completely customized maintenance process

In order for maintenance to bring measurable benefits to the company, it must not be a one-off or occasional procedure. This process, if it is to be optimal, requires meticulous and comprehensive planning resulting in development of a customized and long-term management strategy for the company.

At Protech Motors we are aware that the basis for effective maintenance management is a proper assessment of the real capabilities of a production plant and its less and more fundamental needs. Therefore, we approach each of our customers fully individually, developing company management procedures on the basis of previously drawn, insightful conclusions. We believe that only such an approach will ensure your stable but controlled development.


How does cooperation with Protech Motors in the area of maintenance work?

The first step we take as part of the maintenance service is to establish specific requirements for the equipment. During this process, we focus on exploring the precise needs of individual production procedures and the long- and short-term goals that the owners of the company have set themselves. After completing these activities, we proceed to assessment of effectiveness of the currently applied solutions and then compare them with the specificity of modern maintenance practices. Thanks to this, in the next stage we are able to select optimal goals and develop a fully effective maintenance program for specific machines from the customer’s technical resources. Then, based on the individual factors of the company, we set specific strategies and gather all necessary support tools, which will ultimately translate into a complete and optimal maintenance program.

Please feel free to contact our staff if you wish to cooperate with our company or learn more about our offer.


Our activities help to improve productivity and profitability

Partial or full delegation of responsibility for maintenance to an external company requires a lot of preparation. Years of experience have allowed us to develop an accurate change management process.

Together with the customer, we agree on an individual and detailed service package, operational model and integration plan.

Our customers can focus only on the core of their business. Apart from comprehensive maintenance, we offer additional services such as: warehouse service, procurement, etc.

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