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Relocation of machinery

Comprehensive machine relocations using optimal solutions

Transport of machinery or other industrial installations requires, above all, appropriate planning. The process should start with a detailed analysis of the customer’s expectations and needs, as well as the specifics of a given plant. Then, on the basis of these factors, a detailed project design should be developed. The first stage of proper machinery relocation is disassembly. It starts with switching off the devices, as well as disconnecting them from the media and installations to which they were connected. We also carry out demolition work when required. The next step, made after disassembly, is packaging, as well as preparing industrial machines for transport. Depending on the customer’s needs, the type of protective measures or transport containers used can be adapted to different forms of transport. We handle cargoes intended for classic road transport, solutions designed for sea and air transport and universal options used in intermodal transport.

After packing, we proceed to professional loading that is carried out by means of modern and reliable equipment. Then we transport the industrial machines to the location specified by the Customer. The destination point of equipment delivery can be anywhere in Poland and Europe.

At the end of the journey, our employees unload and set up particular equipment in intended places. Then we move on to comprehensive assembly of the equipment, which includes leveling, anchoring, connecting all necessary media and final calibration. Thanks to many years of experience, as well as extensive industry knowledge, we can guarantee full operational reliability of the equipment installed by us. If necessary, we also offer professional service of the transferred machines.

The whole process described above is carried out on the basis of modern solutions that have been almost perfectly optimized over the years. This makes the relocation of machines very efficient, without generating high costs and risk of exposing our customers to long production downtimes.

Over nearly 20 years of our activity we have had the opportunity to carry out a large number of orders. This has allowed us to develop the company’s potential to such an extent that we now enjoy the title of one of the leaders when it comes to machine relocation services in Poland and Europe. You can find more details of most of the orders implemented by us by visiting the “PROJECTS” section. 


Transferring machines by means of well-equipped technical infrastructure

The key to professional implementation of the tasks entrusted to us is selection of appropriate equipment. When moving our customers’ machines, we individually select a set of tools that we will use in case of each order. Protech Motors’ technical facilities include modern, high-performance and various devices, such as:

  • jacks and aerial work platforms,
  • trucks,
  • high-tonnage forklift trucks,
  • mobile gantry cranes,
  • industrial cranes and lifting equipment,
  • hydraulic cranes,
  • self-propelled platforms and gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 800 tonnes.

Such an extensive equipment workshop makes complex machine transfers quick and easy. Regardless of the complexity of the project, we are able to take on almost any order, providing our customers with the highest degree of precision, safety and professionalism.


Relocation of machines with Protech Motors - other advantages

Thanks to carefully selected team, apart from standard operations such as relocation of machines, we are able to provide a number of additional services. These include:

  •  professional advisory support at every stage of order execution,
  • ongoing preparation of detailed documentation of the process,
  • making professional technical measurements,
  • development of advanced installation, technical, connection and general construction designs.

If complex machine relocation is a service you would like to use, you are welcome to contact our staff.


Relocation of industrial plants

We are a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for relocation of entire industrial plants and mechanical infrastructure.

We move single machines and entire production lines. Regardless of the scope of work, we handle the project at every stage.

A key part of our services is to know our customers’ expectations and cooperate with them in partnership to ensure that the installation is completed on time and within the planned budget. We offer non-standard technical services performed with specialized equipment such as self-propelled cranes, mobile gantry cranes and specialized forklift trucks.


Thanks to this, projects are carried out professionally and meet the most stringent OHS requirements. Our company will take up every challenge related to relocation of machines, including transport of industrial machinery and equipment, work cells and transfer and reinstallation of production lines.

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